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33 pagine di comportamenti anticompetitivi di Microsoft

23 aprile 2009
Foto segnaletica di Bill Gatesvia PixelManiatiK‘s flickr

Dai feed di slashdot ho letto un interessante articolo sui comportamenti anticompetitivi di Microsoft.

Consiglio di dare un’occhiata al documento dello European Committee for Interoperable Systems (non sono ufficialmente dentro la Commissione Europea anche se “the European Commission recognised ECIS as an interested third party in support of the Commission’s preliminary findings that Microsoft is violating EU antitrust law“), il titolo è:

Microsoft – A History of Anticompetitive Behavior and Consumer Harm.

What we are trying to do is use our server control to do new protocols and lock out Sun and Oracle specifically

—Bill Gates, Microsoft

[W]e should just quietly grow j++ share and assume that people will take more advantage of our classes without ever realizing they are building win32-only java apps.

—Microsoft’s Thomas Reardon

The Windows API is … so deeply embedded in the source code of many Windows apps that there is a huge switching cost to using a different operating system instead. … It is this switching cost that has given customers the patience to stick with Windows through all our mistakes, our buggy drivers, our high TCO, our lack of a sexy vision at times, and many other difficulties… Customers constantly
evaluate other desktop platforms, [but] it would be so much work to move over that they hope we just improve Windows rather than force them to move
. In short, without this exclusive franchise called the Windows API, we would have been dead a long time ago.

(pag. 26 del documento)

a voi le conclusioni.


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  1. eheheheh… Permettimi di segnalare questo articolo sul mio blag.


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