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edit textbox teh 1337 way!!1! (aka vim and Firefox)

17 marzo 2008

So you edit everything with vim (this comic strip is amazing). But I bet you don’t edit Firefox textbox with it.

vim and Firefox

If you want to please your nerdcore needs you can install mozex.

Once you have done this, configure it to work with vim; the configuration is quite straightforward.

mozex preferences

Now you can show your über-1337 editing skillz to your friendz.

P.S. it would be great if vim were exactly in the textbox but probably this is impossible, any idea about it?
P.P.S. if you are self-destructive enough you can try vimperator :)


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2 commenti
  1. fengshaun permalink

    thanks for this…comes in handy :)

  2. vrde permalink

    @fengshaun: you can also use wget for your downloads :)


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