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WordPress alternative stats

15 febbraio 2008

Greasemonkey LogoI don’t like flash too much Flash, “probably” because of this.

I like because it is free, it runs wordpress (!) and many other reasons, but a thing I don’t understand is why the stats page uses a flash application instead of a simple, ordinary image. And before my iBook deserted me, I wasn’t able even to see my stats!

That’s why, some weeks ago, I coded wp-stats replacer. The script is very very simple and is an attempt to use the Google Chart API.


In the next picture (click for larger) you can see what the script does.
plain vs flash


This script is only a simple prototype, I would like to expand it to visualize multiple and different stats.
You can download the script from
Any advice?


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7 commenti
  1. Excellent work! I like to expose raw data and see clever people invent fresh ways to visualize the data.

    To wit:

    Enjoy :)

  2. p.s. That API requires an API key… remember not to let anyone see yours!

  3. well, I see that at least one of the main WP/Automattic staffers has seen this post, so maybe you could search for help in the forum of this Platform!

  4. vrde permalink

    @Andy: thank you very much for your advice. I agree with you, expose raw data is a great idea ;)

    @kOoLiNuS: thank you too, I’ll search in the forum :D

  5. Very clever to pack it as a Greasemonkey script! I guess what you can’t do on server site – you have to do it on the client side ;)

  6. vrde permalink

    @Vlad: exactly, it is a little bit difficult to do it on server side :P
    the next step is to use the csv data, as Andy said.

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